Migrating Birds

Script, Direction, Animation, Editing, Sound Design, Music: Felix Reinecker
Sound Mixing: Ralf Schipke
Colorgrading: Fabiana Cardalda
Production: Academy of Media Arts Cologne / Felix Reinecker

06/2021 – Animafest Zagreb 2021 – Croatia (Premiere)
09/2021 – 2021 Ottawa International Animation Festival – Canada
09/2021 – 49th Festival of Nations – Austria
10/2021 – Athens International Film and Video Festival – USA
11/2021 – CINANIMA – Festival Internacional de Cinema de Animação – Portugal
11/2021 – ANIMATEKA 2021 – Slovenia
02/2022 – Roaminale #1 – roam-space – Berlin, Germany
03/2022 – MONSTRA 2022 – Portugal

A grey evening in Düsseldorf. Birds pass over the noisy city. A young man seeks refuge in the “Fortuna newsstand” and drinks coffee to keep his exhaustion at bay, but nods off regardless. Flocks of birds follow him into his daydream, in which he tries to escape his isolation and sense of being trapped. He manages this for a moment by picturing an old friend until the traffic and noise of the city slowly catch up to him and he finds himself back at the newsstand.
“Migrating Birds” is an animated film using individual hand-painted frames done with oil paint. The style and traces of the analog production process remain permanently visible.